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Hangovers - The Survival Guide

AustralianBeers.com is as concerned as any corporate citizen is when it comes to hangovers. We don't like suffering through them, and we don't like our readers suffering through them either.  So what the bloody hell can we do about it?

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We are now seeing occasional beer drinkers trying premium and becoming regular beer drinkers, while there is also some migration upwards. What is more, more females are drinking beer than ever before, and if they do, they choose a premium

Paul Kennedy, CUB

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Tasting Beer

Wine tasting has beer around for quite some time.  Beer tasting is something that is quite new, new Down Under at any rate.  In this section, AustralianBeers.com will teach you everything you need to know about tasting beer.


Beer Types

Want to be able to astound your mates by being able to define a Bitter and a Draught.  Know the difference between an Old and a Stout.  And find out what is meant by an "Export" beer.  All this information can be easily found in our "Beer Types" section.


Take a break from drinking like the author of this article did - Read why and how in his book Between Drinks: Escape the Routine, Take Control and Join the Clear Thinkers