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Piss Weak


Dying for a Piss?

There is a beer on the Australian market that drops its pants in the face of the traditional beer  in order to gain attention. Described by one reporter as an anti-boutique, boutique beer Piss is the brainchild of Chris Hodges and his business partner Noel Fermanis who together run the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne.

A Piss Weak Beer

From the infamous brewery that brought us Piss Beer has emanated a lighter brew with a similar sense of humour.

VB - Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter or more commonly known as VB is the only mainstream beer to successfully penetrate across Australiaís culturally entrenched state beer obsession.  It can be seen on tap from outback Western Australia, to old Sydney town and the Northern Territory.  But why has VB been able to cross the great state divides?  AustralianBeers.com believes the answer is threefold.

The Aussie Ambassador

Fosterís phenomenal growth had been aided by the fair dinkum Paul Hogan (who later went on to make it big as Crocodile Dundee). By the time of his first appearance for Fosterís he had already moved on from his job as a rigger on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and was already a popular comedian.

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