Coopers Premium Ale

Coopers Brewing is very proud of their Premium Ale and with just cause.  The new look Premium Ale bottle holds a golden brown ale that is as rich in flavour as it is in colour.  The heady beer begins with a rich aromatic scent, builds with a full bodied malt flavour and ends with a clean bitter finish.  Coopers Premium is brewed using malted and unmalted grains imparting a smooth full bodied beer with a cool bitter finish.  The brew itself looks impressive with a dark golden colour and the creamy full head.  Not cloudy like most Coopers beers, Premium is chill filtered and fermented with yeast to retain its complex full flavour with golden clarity.  This is a beer that can truly be counted as a Premium beer.  A claim that is readily made by brewers, but only a few can be counted in the select group.  This is a brew of a great balance of flavours that is indicative of the great Coopers tradition.

Food For Thought:

Coopers Premium Ale is a beer that has a perfect balance of rich malt and fruity undertones all coupled with a crisp bitter finish.  The result means that Premium, like many well balanced brews, can be enjoyed with a variety of flavours.  Due to the distinct malty palate, it is recommended that Premium Ale be partnered with more spicy and flavoursome meals.  Try Coopers with seafood such as crab, lobster and darker fish dishes like tuna.  Best with meals containing aromatic herbed and spiced sauces like basil, garlic, coriander and chilli.  The malty richness also lends Coopers Premium Ale to stronger beef dishes such as beef, lamb and game


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