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A quiet beer with Dr Hahn

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Chuck Hahn Q&A

A quiet beer with Dr Hahn

Chuck Hahn is Australia's highest profile brewer. We spoke to him about his fabulous brewing career, his exciting range of flavoursome James Squire beers and his Malt Shovel Brewery in Sydney.


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You guys share a passion for beers and I would wish to encourage that as much as possible.

Dr Chuck Hahn, MSB, 2002


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James Squire Amber Ale

James Squire Porter

James Squire IPA

James Squire Pilsner

James Squire Hop Thief

Australian White Beer

Squire Amber Ale

It can be said that the latest master brewer has done the pioneer proud with this tasty three dimensional ale.  The dark caramel brown ale purveys a wonderful malty aroma from its thick foamy head.    The strong malty flavour is infused with a sweet and ends with a delicious nutty finish.  

Squire Porter

James Squire Porter is the dark horse in the Malt Shovel Brewery beer range.  It presents with an opaque dark colour with hints of rich browns and reds with an initial soft creamy head that purveys a pleasant malty aroma.  First taste shows mouth feel that is not as smooth as its stouter sibling style but gives way to familiar roasted barley flavours and a powerful hoppy bitterness. 


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