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Tooheys Extra Dry

Full Sail

Squires Range

Sydney Lager


Beware of the Dark Side

Many beer drinkers are timid when it comes to dark ales and tend to stick to their usual lagers.  If you are curious of the dark side of beer, Tooheys Old is a great place to begin your quest.  Full bodied  malty flavour gives way to the fruity esters that blend well with hoppiness to finish with a bitter blend crescendo that will leave you thinking why you havenít been a dark ale drinker all your life.

One of Chucky's Best

The strong malty flavour is infused with a sweet and ends with a delicious nutty finish.  The palate caressed with a honeycomb mouse that eases the beer into a soft long quiet finish.  We are excited to say that this beer can be enjoyed at the higher temperature scale.  The hand crafted beer is a triple brew, using three types of malt and three different Tasmanian hops together with a 125 year old, top fermenting yeast. 

Full Sail - The Life Saver

The label states:"  The immortal Capt. James Cook, in a voyage of three years and 13 days, lost only one man to disease.  The health of the seaman was preserved  through the use of malt, honey, fruits and molasses made into wort and fermented into beer".  The resulting conclusion was that "Seamen never lose their health as long as the beer lasts".

Something Old, Something New

Tooheys New is one of those Aussie beers that you grab a carton/slab/case of rather than just a six-pack.  Very popular in NSW and to a lesser degree Victoria.  Somewhat sadly, New can be hard to find in the other states.  It may be that Lion-Nathan is happy to see their other beers flourish like XXXX, West End and Swan.

Golden and Dry

Toohey's Extra Dry is a smooth beer launched in 1994 in order to capture a share of the virgining dry and cold filtered market.  The quiet beer is a pale golden ale which has  an uncommonly resilient head for a dry beer.  The smooth and mild body has subtle malt and fruity notes that gives way to a clean finish.

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