Matilda Bay Premium

This premium beer from Matilda Bay lives up to its title as a premium lager.  Like many premium lagers Matilda Bay Premium is a Pilsener brewed in the traditional Czech style with soft water, 100% malt and Bohemian hops.  The beer looks impressive with its robust head and golden colour that delivers a well balanced repertoire of flavours.  The traditional Czech Saaz hops impart a fragrant bouquet that lasts long after the lager disappears from view.  The rich malt gives the beer a soft full body that is as smooth as silk.  The cool fermenting and double filtration ensured that this premium lager finishes with a clean bitter gust.  Aromatic, clean, robust and clean bitter finish.  What more could you want in a Premium Lager?

This aromatic Pilsener can be enjoyed with a wide variety of flavours.  Grilled and roast meats do well as its partner with the rich flavour complementing the strong red meat and sauces.  Well served with other dishes such as grilled and roast pork with gravy and apple sauce.  The fruity aroma of the Saaz hops also complement Asian dishes such as Thai salads, Hoken noodles and spicy Chinese flavours.  As a treat try mud crabs marinated in Chinese chilli sauce.


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