Burkes Hemp Premium Ale

This premium ale is distinctive by its reddish tinge to the usual golden colour.  The robust head provides for a strong malty aroma that permeates throughout the body of the beer.  The smooth creamy body imparts a rich malty flavour that gives way to a clean finish with a strong bitter aftertaste.  This beer gets its name from the hemp filtration membranes used in the clarification process.  This is a robust beer to be savoured and not guzzled.  Do not over chill as the strong distinctive malty flavour will be lost.

The rich malty flavours make Hemp Premium more agreeable with stronger flavoured meals more than mild.  Enjoy Hemp with a char grilled steak, casserole, veal shanks or slow cooked meats.  Excellent beer to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon at your favourite restaurant that serves a good rib fillet steak and an Idaho potato. 4.9% alc/vol


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