Cascade at Bondi

Stout with Style

A Premium Delight


Cascade Premium

Cascade Premium Light

Cascade Special Stout

A Taste of Tassie

The story of Cascade Premium begins in 1985.  The Cascade Brewery decided it needed a product that could compete in the rapidly growing premium and imported beer market.  A beer was needed that could be marketed nationally and internationally.  The first step that was taken was that a number of tasting panels were set up and beer was flown to the Tasmanian brewery from around the world.  The tasting panels identified the most desired characteristics of a premium beer.  These were to be reproduced or surpassed.

Light and Spicy

Cascade Premium Light provides a full flavoured and refreshing taste.  It gives a spicy hop aroma without lacking bite.  Being a light beer with a distinctive hop taste, Cascade Premium Light is well suited to most Mediterranean dishes such as antipasto, pasta with cream based sauces, salami, olive and chilli flavours.

A Stout with Backbone

Cascade's 1824 brewery has produced a Special Stout that is hearty and flavoursome. The batch brewed stout utilises roasted barley and a strong infusion of Tasmanian hops. The full body, strong roast character has big finish with bitter aftertaste making this stout a drink with backbone.

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