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Coopers Export


Original Pale Ale

Premium Ale

Dark Ale

Finest Export

Sparkling Ale

Cloudy but Fine

The famous "Cloudy but fine" add campaign for Coopers Sparkling Ale rings true as you your pour this beer into your glass.  The traditional Coopers top fermenting and secondary fermenting technique is apparent with the cloudy appearance and the yeast sediment that rains down like snow.  Sparkling begins with a solid head and a full bodied flavour with fruity undertones and finishes with a soft effervescent malty taste.

Coopers' Finest

Thomas Coopers Finest Export pays homage to the founder of the great independent brewing company which he founded over 130 years ago.  Finest Export is a cloudy beer with a full head yet without the yeast residue seen in the other Coopers beers like Pale Ale, Sparkling Ale, Dark Ale and Stout.  Thomas Coopers finest Export uses a blend of complementary malts together with Ringwood Hops to produce a beer that Thomas Cooper would be proud to drink.


White Delight 

Premium Lager

Old Stout

Pale Ale

A fruity change's attention was caught when Tony Jones, Southwarks Chief Brewer, came up with what is a rarety in Australian Beers: a Bavarian style wheat beer.  After considerable consideration, we are pleased to say that with its intriging spicy, yet fruity flavour, we would not be surprised at all if the Southwark White becomes a regular purchase for the better educated beer drinkers of this great land.  


A True Premium

The true test of a beer is one that can be conducted blindfolded.  And here at, we cannot say enough about this lager.  Its initial taste is smooth as silk: you can taste the quality within a fraction of a second.  It remains in your mouth for a moment more, before gliding down your throat like water through the purest rainforest creek. We can say that, without a shadow of a doubt, the Southwark Premium Lager is one of the finest Australian Lagers available.  It is one of our hidden treasures.  Launched in 1967, it is about time it is promoted nationally

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