Southwark Premium Lager

One of Australia's greatest lagers - a hidden treasure.

David Downie, Beer Reviewer, 2000


Following its discovery after the exciting launch of its Wheat Beer, was eager to explore other Southwark offerings. 

To be honest we didn't expect to be in for much of a surprise from Southwark's premium lager. When it comes to lagers, we have tasted the best that Australia, as well as a lot of other countries, has to offer. It takes something special to turn our eye. 

It was in this context that our review panel sat down to consider an icy six pack of what must be the last premium Australian lager on our list.  Although it is by no means the final test, first impressions count when it comes to premium beers.  Southwark Premium is magnificently housed in its green, finely crafted bottle, and our expectations were raised somewhat by its professional appearance. 

But the true test of a beer is one that can be conducted blindfolded.  And here at, we cannot say enough about this lager.  Its initial taste is smooth as silk: you can taste the quality within a fraction of a second.  It remains in your mouth for a moment more, before gliding down your throat like water through the purest rainforest creek. We can say that, without a shadow of a doubt, the Southwark Premium Lager is one of the finest Australian Lagers available.  It is one of our hidden treasures.  Launched in 1967, it is about time it is promoted nationally: it should be as widely available as Coopers at least with a brewing giant like Lion-Nathan behind it. 

Quite simply, this beer should be part of every discerning drinker's repertoire, wherever you live: do not go anywhere near Adelaide without stocking up several cartons for the trip home.

Any food goes well with this beer. 


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