Tooheys New

Tooheys New Draught is a full strength beer that is typical of the the main stream popular lagers available in Australia.  The beer available on-tap in NSW and Victoria travels well in the bottle to produce a nice full aromatic head to begin well.  Tooheys New is lightly hopped together with a balanced malt recipe resulting in a great dichotomy between bitter taste and sweet flavour.  Like other bottled draught beers, New is easy on the senses with a smooth subtle body low in effervescence, which means two or three are not out of the question.  The smooth body and light fruity flavour with the bitter undertones make New a drink that disappears fast.

Tooheys New is one of those Aussie beers that you grab a carton/slab/case of rather than just a six-pack.  Very popular in NSW and to a lesser degree Victoria.  Somewhat sadly, New can be hard to find in the other states.  It may be that Lion-Nathan is happy to see their other beers flourish like XXXX, West End and Swan.  However, this doesn't mean you can't order this beer from your favourite supplier or bottle shop.  The final word is that New is a great drinking beer, coming in 375ml cans and 250ml, 375ml and 750ml bottles as well as on-tap in some states (Victoria and NSW).

Food For Thought:

Tooheys New Draught is a mild drinking beer and as such can go with most foods.  Great with all pub foods such as steak, burgers, fish&chips and salads.  A great thirst quencher during the a curry, chilli salad or spicy Asian cuisine.  Tooheys new goes with just about anything on a warm afternoon at a BBQ, at the Pub or with a meat pie at the cricket.



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