Toohey's Extra Dry

Toohey's Extra Dry is a smooth beer launched in 1994 in order to capture a share of the virgining dry and cold filtered market.  The quiet beer is a pale golden ale which has  an uncommonly resilient head for a dry beer.  The smooth and mild body has subtle malt and fruity notes that gives way to a clean finish.

The dry finish from which the beer gets its name is from the elongated fermentation period which ensures a small amount of fermentable sugar residue.  This is another mild beer that is best served fairly cold to maintain the enjoyment from the subtle flavours of the yeast and malt. Another uncomplicated beer that is well brewed that quietly slides across the palate and gives a clean finish.  5.0% alc/vol

Food for Thought:

Like many of the Dry Lagers and mild flavoured beers, Toohey's Extra Dry is a beer that accompanies white meats and seafood well.  The mild flavour and clean dry finish of the beer  goes well with fresh seafood such as grilled white fish, oysters, cray fish, mussels and fresh tiger prawns.  Light veal dishes such as scaloppine and chicken lightly flavoured will also combine well with Extra Dry.  Stay away from red meats and richly flavoured meals as the beer will be overpowered.  Try Extra Dry with the traditional BBQ chicken next time you hit the races.


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