James Squire Original Amber Ale


Enjoy the malt sweetness on the middle palate - balanced with the ale esters and at the back of the palate, enjoy the hop bitterness. Pause for a moment and realise the citrus hop character, almost grapefruit-like, develop on your tongue. This unique cleansing property enables refreshment in such a rich complex beer

Chuck Hahn, Brewmaster & Director, Malt Shovel Brewery

Chuck Hahn's latest venture into the boutique market has seen the production of James Squires Original Amber Ale.   The old Camperdown brewery where Hahn Premium was first born has been renamed the Malt Shovel after Sydney's first brewery and the first beer to come down the line is named after Australia's first master brewer.  The name of the beer, James Squire, is noted to be Australia's first master brewer, as is outlined in our history section.  It can be said that the latest master brewer has done the pioneer proud with this tasty three dimensional ale.  The dark caramel brown ale purveys a wonderful malty aroma from its thick foamy head.    The strong malty flavour is infused with a sweet and ends with a delicious nutty finish.  The palate is caressed with a honeycomb mousse that eases the beer into a soft long quiet finish.  We are excited to say that this beer can be enjoyed at the higher end of the temperature scale.  The hand crafted beer is a triple brew, using three types of malt and three different Tasmanian hops together with a 125 year old, top fermenting yeast. Beware of over-chilling this ale as you might kill off the substantial aromatic head and as a consequence miss out on the beers delicate flavour regime.

This beer is the latest fruit of Dr. Hahn's  interest in going back to his batch brewing roots.  Camperdown past batch brews include Hahn Cold Cock Bock and Irish Red.  At $12.99 on average a six pack, James Squire Original will compete well against the other boutique batches such as Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale and Matilda Bay's Seven Seas.  An interesting thing to look for is that when buying a six pack of James Squires Original, is that each beer recounts one of six chapters in the James Squire history chronology.  5.0% alc/vol

Food For Thought:  This beer is a delight to drink and as such no matter what you are eating it will make you stop and smack your lips.  James Squire Original is a sweet, malty and nutty and as such is a great accompaniment to desserts.  Try combining this ale with your favorite rich desserts such as pudding, brulee, sticky date, creme caramel or a good old fashioned death by chocolate. 


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