Tooheys Old

Tooheys have been brewing this grand old black ale since 1869 and as such they have had time to perfect this robust beer. They started bottling the dark ale in 1970. Many believe this to be a dark ale in the style of British brewing, while Tooheys disagrees describing OLD as more like the  German "Alt" beers.  I like to think of Tooheys Old as a great Australian dark ale.  Like so many dark ales brewed in Australia, Tooheys OLD doesnít make the mistake of overpowering the palate with roasted malty flavour.  

OLD is lightly hopped giving the ale a smooth transition from malty beginning to a bitter clean finish.  The black malt gives OLD its dark colour as well as its nickname, "Black".

Many beer drinkers are timid when it comes to dark ales and tend to stick to their usual lagers.  If you are curious of the dark side of beer, OLD is a great place to begin your quest.  Full bodied  malty flavour gives way to the fruity esters that blend well with hoppiness to finish with a bitter blend crescendo that will leave you thinking why you havenít been a dark ale drinker all your life.

Food For Thought:

Tooheys OLD Black Ale is the right drink for rich dishes.  Try OLD with a roast, game pies, slow cooked meats and BBQ pepper steak. Old is also a great flavour to go with strong cheeses such as gorgonzola, blue vein and Wenselydale.  4.4% alc/vol


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