Southwark Bavarian White 

White has a taste that beer lovers have really taken to.

Tony Jones, Chief Brewer, Soutwark Brewing


Southwark is one Australian's great breweries that receives less than its deserved attention in states other than its native South Australia.  

It first caught's attention when Tony Jones, its Chief Brewer, came up with what is a rarety in Australian Beers: a Bavarian style wheat beer.  After considerable consideration, we are pleased to say that with its intriging spicy, yet fruity flavour, we would not be surprised at all if the Southwark White becomes a regular purchase for the better educated beer drinkers of this great land.  

Initially introduced to a limited number of pubs in Adelaide, Southwark White received an enthusiastic response from Adelaide drinkers to this new beer.  Tony, who is also a South Australian, told that Southwark White was developed to offer South Australia beer drinkers "something different" to other beers on the market.

"White has a taste that beer lovers have really taken to," said Mr Jones.

"It's quite a fruity beer that has an interesting spiciness that comes with the use of wheat and noble hops. It's also very easy to drink," Mr Jones added.

Southwark White is inspired by a particular type of wheat beer known as the Bavarian style, which is brewed with wheat and malted barley and has a distinctly cloudy appearance.

The Bavarian style is also characterised by the relatively pale colour of the beer and the slightly cloudy appearance, which is created by the retention of yeast in the beer (hefeweizen).

"While a number of the wheat beer styles are quite exotic, incorporating the use of fruits and spices to flavour the brew, those from Bavaria are more conservative, allowing only the use of the traditional ingredients of barley and wheat malts, hops, pure water and yeast" said Mr Jones.

Southwark White, at five per cent alcohol, will be available in 345ml stubbies across the state with a case of Southwark White available for around $33.

Southwark White is the sixth member of the award winning Southwark family, joining Southwark Old Stout, Southwark Black Ale, Southwark Bitter, Southwark Pale Ale and Southwark Premium. Over the past year, the Southwark beers have increased their share of the South Australian beer market by 20 per cent.

Southwark Old Stout has been recognised consistently at the Australian International Beer Awards with gold medals and Southwark Bitter was the only Australian beer to be awarded a Gold Medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup in the USA.

Wheat Beer

The use of wheat to brew beer dates back to the very roots of brewing in ancient Sumeria over 5,000 years ago. In more recent times it has been in Germany and its near neighbours that wheat beers have been more common and popular. Here, there are many styles of wheat beer, variously referred to as Weizenbier, Weisse, or Witbier.

In these countries, wheat based beers became generally known as white beers due to their ghostly pale colour and the slightly whiter appearance of the head.

White beers have seen a re-emergence in the last ten years in Europe and have experienced particular growth and popularity in England, New Zealand and the USA.

Food For Thought : With its intriguing spicy flavour, white is the perfection companion for garlic prawns or any spicy seafood dish. 5.0 % alc/vol


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