James Squire Original Pilsener

Favourite Beer? Undoubtedly James Squire Original Pilsener.


Doug Donelan - Head Brewer of The Malt Shovel Brewery



If you talk to the brewers at the Malt Shovel Brewery you will quickly find out that James Squire Original Pilsener is by far their most popular brew.  And with two gold medals at the 2002 Australian International Beer Festival in Melbourne it is no wonder the "mad brewers" are proud.  Made with traditional Czech Saaz and New Zealand Belgian Saaz hops the golden beer is fresh and aromatic.  This beer uses a much higher hopping level than your traditional Aussie brew so get ready for the flavour.   Like all the MSB range, James Squire Original Pilsener is a well balanced beer.  This is due to blend of pale malt from Tamworth and Munich malt from Ballarat which provides the rich malt undertones to counter the hoppy bitterness.  This golden pilsener has rich aromatic floral scents that give way to a rounded malty palate with the crisp bitter finish.

TIP: Make sure when you pour your James Squire Original Pilsener that you let it carbonate (bubble) as your pour.  This will give you a soft rising head that will bring the aromatic hop flavours to bare and leave the bitterness to the finish.  Don't be content to drink this beer from the bottle - you will miss half the experience!  If you are not a fan of this beer at the first tasting, persevere - it will grow to become one of your favourites.  Trust us.

5.0 % alc/vol

Food For Thought:  

The traditional food to accompany a Pilsner is said to be a fish dish.  This is true of James Squire Original Pilsener but it goes well with many more dishes.  The Malt Shovel Brewers assure us that nothing accompanies a traditional home-made Italian pizza better than their Pilsner.  But then again Sean Symons (one of the MSB brewers) also says that the Pilsener goes well with breakfast .  There is no doubt, however,  that the hoppy aroma and bitterness of James Squire Original Pilsener lends itself to the spicy cuisine of Asian and Indian cuisine.  Try it with:

  • Freshly cooked grilled Red Emperor with Thai chilli and lemon sauce.  
  • Home made pizza with spicy salami, goat cheese and fresh basil.
  • Thai salad dishes (those are the saava* ones).
  • Indian Kormas and Rhogan Josh.

A Brief History of the Pilsener: 

A pilsener, in the traditional meaning of the word, is a beer that is brewed in the Czech town of Plzen - where the beer style was first produced in 1842.  The word Pilsener comes from the German word for the town, Pilsen.  The popular beer "Pilsen Urquell" is still brewed in Plzen today.  Pilseners are traditionally brewed with Saaz hops - sometimes called bohemian red or Saazer.  This is probably the most famous of all the aromatic hops. It gives the beer a clean fresh finish and is said to contain hints of gorse and camomile. The golden beer style has been the catalyst for hundreds of variations now dominating the world beer market.  Beware!  There are some very good ones and some very "not so good" ones.  James Squire Original Pilsener is said to be a tribute to not only Australia's first brewer but  the original creators of the Pilsener and their good King Wenceslas, who in 1290, convinced the pope to revoke an order banning the brewing of beer.  

1. The spicy flavour attributed to chillies in Asian foods.
2. Spicy hot.


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