The Willoughby

By Bush Poet Angus Foley  

The Willoughby in action

It was a hot and steamy Friday night
when the city lawyers thought they’d pitch their might
against the traffic near and far
to lean upon the Willoughby’s bar

So over the bridge they travelled
to see where a century had unravelled
for gent and worker, migrant so far,
who had leant upon the Willoughby’s bar

For its centenary the Willoughby had
removed its ghastly seventies hat
and returned to its old world feel
with balconies, lounge and friendly meal

So into the bar the lawyers strode
with Downie leading as he was bold
to test that drop that freely flowed
to bring each local from his homely abode.

Chris the manager afraid of going bust
would not allow us a free one to settle the dust
but the range of beers impressed no told
and even “Squires” on tap was cold 


Squires brings a smile 

So we settled in and surveyed the bar
and spotted the bouncer at the door ajar
On chatting we realised he needed no might
As the locals had never had a real fight

Following rounds of Squires, Old and Reches
the meal counter offered to refresh us
The food was rumoured to be impressive
but we found the service slow and taste submissive

So to the locals we turned our attention
and realised the dress code was worth a mention
no boots, no singlets, no dirty clobber
a change with no welcome for my old cobber

Still as a bunch the locals were diverse
with oldies, suits and students did we converse
till Dobbsie used his charm and whit
to save us from some boring git


Grant’s pocket knew no bounds
the moment some girls began to sound
they gathered and cheered to speak to the few
who with women generally have not a clue

Shouts for all!

With egos restored and pockets much lighter
We headed into the night feeling much brighter
So next time you find life’s not getting you too far
We recommend, with pleasure, the Willoughby’s bar


Willoughby Patron working his magic
Life's pleasures at the Willoughby


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