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Western Australia

WA Walkabout

Quokka's Arms, Rottnest Isl.

Quokkas Galore

Ever heard of a Quokka? Neither had we, but we had heard rumours that on a little island off the coast of Western Australia you could see this fabulous beast, swim in paradise waters, and drink icy cold WA lagers at the same time.  We needed no more than that, and we weren't disappointed. 

WA Quotes

The Western Australian aboriginals resented the occupation of their happy hunting grounds by this horde of white people who had descended suddenly upon the country.

A Short History of Australia



Walkabout Breakdown

Venturing into the dust

Broad Arrow Hotel

Rough as guts Kalgoorlie

Federal Hotel

WA Walkabout

Not to let Queensland take all the outback credit, decided to venture deep into Western Australia to see if it contained the key to all things Australian.

Broad Arrow

Ever felt like scribbling all over the walls of your pub? Well in a small 100 year old outback town of only 10 people, the owners of the pub don't mind in the slightest. In fact, they even provide you with the pens.