Congratulations on your bonzer comments re gender. You have more than a skerrick of nous. It's about time the feminist lobby was exposed. Too many politicians, especially those greenies, are "two kangaroos short in the top paddock", "two Falcons short in the top carpark", "a couple of snags short of a barbie", and "two raspberries short of a punnet", plus being "a couple of tinnies short of a six pack" and that is pretty short, almost as short as Gerry Bates!!!

Letter to Hon. Mr Shulze MP, as read by Mr Shulze in Parliamant, Tasmanian Hansard, 21 October 1997 - Part 2

When I was there last week during school holidays, it was great to see families out there in an open space not having to pay any money and having a cheap day out, cooking a few snags on the barbie, and so on. The residents of a nursing home were actually there having an outing and they were cooking a few snags.

Mr Schwarten on the Roma Street Park, Qld Legislative Assembly Hansard, 12 July 2001

The campaign aims to broaden the use of outdoor cookers to include gourmet seafood and meat dishes as well as the traditional steaks and snags.

Designers turn up the heat on barbies, Sydney Morning Herald, 27 June 2002

Respected beer taster and chef showing how it's done

Snags - strine for sausages.

THE smell of snags on a barbie fills the air at this time of year.

Fundraiser runs into snags, 10,000 times, The Border Mail, 10 Jan 2003

They were nice old blokes who would cruise into the butcher shop, have a cup of tea and a scone or a biscuit with the butcher. The inspector would have a fag with him. Mr Deputy Speaker, you would know this, because you are a good bloke... In lots of cases, if honourable members went to the pubs and had a talk to a few of the butchers who drink in them, they would learn that their income per year is about $15,000 to $20,000.. It really saddens me that these poor butchers are battling away trying to make a quid against all the odds. These days, they have the supermarkets to compete with, and all sorts of pressures.

Members opposite should get down to their butchers, do the right thing and buy a kilo of fillet steak. They should let him make a few  bob. They should buy a couple of kilos of snags. They should make a donation to the little businessmen in their electorates, instead of going to the big supermarkets with their wives at 5.30 on Saturday afternoon to get all of the specials. They should go down to the butcher on Saturday morning and give the bloke a few bob.

Hon Mr Davidson, Qld Legislative Assembly Hansard, 28 March 1995

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