Congratulations on your bonzer comments re gender. You have more than a skerrick of nous. It's about time the feminist lobby was exposed. Too many politicians, especially those greenies, are "two kangaroos short in the top paddock", "two Falcons short in the top carpark", "a couple of snags short of a barbie", and "two raspberries short of a punnet", plus being "a couple of tinnies short of a six pack" and that is pretty short, almost as short as Gerry Bates!!!

Letter to Hon. Mr Shulze MP, as read by Mr Shulze in Parliamant, Tasmanian Hansard, 21 October 1997 - Part 2

Obviously, there is a bit of interest in the rhino project and it may turn out to be an absolute bonzer. However, at this stage, we do not know. We really have to wait until we get some professional advice.

Hon Mr Palaszczuk, Qld Qld Legislative Assembly Hansard, 17 June 1997

Bonzer - strine for great. Sadly often used now when taking the piss.

There is something delightful about the Australian vernacular. `He's flat out like a lizard drinking' and `He's a few bricks short of a load' are distinctly Australian. Sadly, phrases such as those and words such as`bonzer' and `cobber' and, dare one say it, `sheila' have all but disappeared from everyday speech. One of the joys of a visit to outback Australia is to hear some of those all too readily forgotten Australianisms. Why have those words and phrases gone? Is it because they are unfashionable? Is it that, as a nation, we have become more sophisticated? Or is it because of our growing reliance on America for food, films, fashion, culture and sports?

Hon. LH Davis, South Australian Legislative Council, 19 July 1995


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