Congratulations on your bonzer comments re gender. You have more than a skerrick of nous. It's about time the feminist lobby was exposed. Too many politicians, especially those greenies, are "two kangaroos short in the top paddock", "two Falcons short in the top carpark", "a couple of snags short of a barbie", and "two raspberries short of a punnet", plus being "a couple of tinnies short of a six pack" and that is pretty short, almost as short as Gerry Bates!!!

Letter to Hon. Mr Shulze MP, as read by Mr Shulze in Parliamant, Tasmanian Hansard, 21 October 1997 - Part 2

Since the election campaign in July 1995, the previous Labor Government had eight months in which to do something about the program they took to the people. During those eight months, not one skerrick of work.

Hon Mr Quinn, Qld Legislative Assembly Hansard, 28 November 1996

Skerrick - Strine for a small amount.

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