Cascade Heaven

Slops in action

Local Frolics

Paradise Lost

Tiger Bar



The Great Tassie Trek

The Bush Inn - Oz's oldest pub?

Pub in a Paddock 

Ever seen a pig with a drinking problem? No, we don't mean your best mate, but rather the kind that gets turned into bacon. If not, meet Slops, a resident of the little valley of Pyengana in the North East of Tassie. 

Commercial Hotel 

Are you one of those people who curse the 'bloody greenies' for stopping a commercial venture? Well, once you check out Queenstown, you'll see what they are on about.  

Union Hotel

According to the Boags Brewery, arm wrestling used to be quite a popular past time in pubs 100 years ago. Well, no one bothered to tell the residents of Stanley that the 100 years has passed.   

Tassie Quotes

"Tasmanian beer has an international reputation"

Queen Elizabeth, March 2000


Trek Breakdown

Intro to Tassie 

The Tiger Bar 

The Commercial 

Pub in a Paddock

The Man-O-Ross 

The Cascade Bar

The Empire 

The Union 

Tiger Bar

Ever seen a Tasmanian Tiger? Well, we managed to catch up with a Tasmanian Wild Man seeking refuge in the Tiger Bar who thought that he had two as pets.  


The Man-o-Ross Hotel has been serving beers to thirsty travellers between Launceston and Hobart since 1835.  The pub is in the centre of the town, which they say caters for all of man's needs with the pub, court, jail and townhall on each of the corners of the intersection. Thankfully, we were only in need of one service, and the Man-o-Ross provided it.

Cascade Bar

Does anyone drink Cascade in this great state? Apparently so, and the best way to seek out these drinkers is to head straight for the heartland: Hobart.

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