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Ever raced a camel?

The Birdsville races are world famous, and are second in notoriety only to the Birdsville pub. thought we had best  pack our swags, and a few liters of water (for a change), and make the journey to the bowels of the Queensland outback to see for ourselves. 

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Queensland culture is Australian culture writ large.

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Sydneysiders often attempt to deride Brisbane by saying it has no beaches, and, worse, no pubs of note. set out to to prove them wrong, in relation to the pubs at least.

Brekky Creek

Where was it Mikhail Gorbachev decided to have a feed when he came into town? The Brekky Creek of course, world famous for its steaks and XXXX off the keg: a true taste of life in the Sunshine state. 

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