Australia's First Drinker

Swan Brewery 

Boxing Bondie


The Amber Nectar's past

Aussie Beer History


The giant CUB

Beer History 

Why is it that Australians drink beer? When did we start? Did we always drink lager? What about those old English beers - weren't we English? Read more to find out the complete story of beer in Australia. 

History Quotes

The present custom of drinking alcohol to excess .. will continue.

Marcus Clarke, The Future Australian Race, 1878


Explaining the present

Qld's Castlemaine Perkins

WA's Swan

The almighty Bondie


Love him or hate him, Alan Bond will always be part of Australian's brewing history.  From celebrating our America's cup win, to avoiding showers in prison after suffering brain damage, Bondy has always been a colourful Aussie character.

Castlemain Perkins

Isn't Castlemain in Victoria? How is it that this Brisbane brewery is named this way? What do the XXXX's actually mean anyway - surely it can't be true that Queenslanders can't spell beer!


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