The Aussie English CD immerses the user in Australian English through a series of hilarious interactive animations that explore the four cornerstones of Australian life: the Barbie, the Beach, the Outback and the Pub.

As well as learning by watching Bruce and his mates enjoy their Aussie adventures (which can be subtitled in standard English), you also get to help them decide what to say, as well as play games designed to reinforce all things Aussie.

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Aussie English Games

Click here to explore all the fun games you can play while reinforcing your understanding of Australian language and culture - like cooking a barbie, playing two-up and hunting bush tucker in the outback!



Interactive Tutorials

Click here to find out about the tutorials that explain core Aussie language and cultural concepts (like when you should “shout” an Aussie a beer!), as well as hundreds of phrases that let you improve your Aussie accent by comparing it to that of a native speaker.



Aussie Dictionary

Click here to read about the interactive Australian-English dictionary. You can hear Aussie words and phrases pronounced and have a go yourself!




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