A Sheila in Canada

A little bit of Oz in the icy land of the Canuck, eh

I’m 30-something Australian “sheila” and have made my home in a small town (its claim to fame is that it's the “Smallest City in Canada”) in British Columbia, Canada.

I came here 3 years ago to be with the love of my life, and no, I aint gonna get all soppy and tell you how wonderful he is, although…. he is.

When I came here, I thought I would have a problem with the language since Canada is bi lingual, and I only speak one language…..and apparently, that’s Australian….not English as I used to think.

Now, my Canadian bloke understands me very well, in spite of the accent, although there have been times when he has that blank look on his face, and I just know that he didn’t understand a bloody thing I just said….(or maybe…. that’s just a bloke thing?)

At first, when I would talk to people, they would just look at him and say, “What did she say?”….as if he was a bloody interpreter and I was speaking an entirely different language.

So, I had to really slow down when I spoke and try and pronounce every word properly….I actually sounded retarded.

But, after 3 years, the locals understand me quite well, and have even picked up a few Aussie words. Although my family “back home” reckon I’ve picked up a Canadian accent???? I dunno bout that….the people here still think I talk funny.

As a V.B drinker, I had to “experiment” with the different local beers to find the one that was just right for me. After sampling (o.k. getting totally plastered) the endless variety of beverages, I settled on Molson Canadian….and she’s a bloody good second to V.B.

Being a (self proclaimed) Aussie ambassador, we’ve hosted Aussie nights at our house…..good Aussie tucker, classic Aus music, and lots of beer.

Speaking of music, every Canadian has heard of AC/DC but not of the best band (in my opinion) in Australian history…..Cold Chisel. I have changed that.

There were a few things that were a little difficult to get used to...like....

driving on the other side of the road....that took some practice and thankfully, no fatalities...

REALLY freezing ya tits off in winter in temperatures below 30 degrees!!!!!.....

Tipping your waiter/waitress...

That "fanny" was referring to your butt and not some other part of your anatomy.....etc

I love my new home, although I do miss all things Australian. So, if ever you’re in Greenwood, stop at the local pub and say “G’day”.


Thanks to our mystery guest author for sending in her story.

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