Raspberry Wheat Beer

The Mad Brewers are a bunch of bold Aussie larrikins but when it comes to their craft these blokes are dedicated to creating distinctive and innovative beers with that personal touch


Chuck Hahn, Director and Brewmaster of the Malt Shovel Brewery



The Mad Brewers from the Malt Shovel Brewery (MSB) are back. This time they've had a crack at a raspberry wheat beer. There are not many wheat beers on the market, and there are even fewer raspberry beers. It would seem that this is Australia's only raspberry wheat beer.

The beer pours beautifully. Unlike some overcarbonated premium beers we've tried recently, a perfect head is not hard to achieve. But be sure not to pour too much into your glass - that would be a mistake (we've assumed you're using a glass, or this beer will be wasted on you). If you pour too much into your glass you won't be able to smell the beautiful raspberry aromas as you swirl the beer around before you drink it.

Now most Australian blokes would run a mile at such a thought. But it works with this beer. The raspberry scent is followed through with an accesable, enjoyable raspberry taste as you have your first sip. As you swallow you are greeted with a slightly tart finish. Not too tart mind you, as other raspberry beers we have tried have been. But tart enough to let you know your swallow is at an end.

The Mad Brewers use real raspberries to make this beer. A lot of them. Good on them for doing it. You should pick up a carton while this limited release is available for both pleasure and to enjoy something different while it is still available.

If you are lucky you will find it on tap. It is even more enjoyable served up this way.

And the ladies love it.

Raspberry Wheat Beer


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