The Pacific Hotel - Yamba - NSW

By Guest Reviewer Asho  



The first time I had the pleasure of visiting the Pacific Hotel in Yamba was in 1988 on a surf trip from Brisbane to Sydney. I was completely transfixed by its down to earth beauty and find myself making the pilgrimage nearly every year since.

Perched on a hill overlooking the Yamba main beach, The Pacific Hotel is best loved for its view. The main room has bay windows overlooking the ocean, a pool table, a stage and a brilliant set up for counter meals. It also has a public bar for gamblers (an afternoon on the punt is fast becoming an annual tradition) - you will also find plenty of TVs for sports lovers. The beer on tap is all the trusty old aussie classics.

If local legend is true, it seems that the pub was built on the banks of the Maclean River in the mid 20's and was moved to the hill overlooking the beach in the mid 40's.

Being a beachside pub, it is only natural that its origins are steeped in surfing traditions. That is plain as day with the weird and wonderful collection of surfboards hanging from the walls. They start with the 1950 "toothpick" and a travel through the years to the "modern malibu" which was built in 1989.

For local and international travellers, this joint provides excellent backpackers style accomodation for about 20 bucks a head. The beds are a short stagger up a flight of stairs when the party comes to a close.

The people you meet all depends on the time of the year that you visit. If it is a friendly country town atmosphere that you looking for, avoid the holidays. If it action you want, make sure you are there during holidays and you will get a great cross section of backpackers and city slickers enjoying the boozy relaxed atmosphere.

The music is generally a covers band, but if you get lucky you might score an originals band from the big smoke, Bodyjar, One Inch Punch and The Persian Rugs are among the notables that have visited this year.

I guess the best way to tell you about this pub is to explain the game plan.

Arrive at noon for a liquid lunch and a few hours on the punt. Move mid afternoon to the balcony beer garden for some relaxed drinking before you get serious and move back upstairs to get a good seat for the sunset. A great counter meal at about 6.00pm with clear the boards for the night that follows which usually includes a live band, a drunken boogie and stagger up the stairs to your sack for the night.

Wake up - stagger down the beach for the morning and start again - and again and again.

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