Report author Paul Williams said his study of alcohol-related crime showed Australian males were still "yobbos", particularly in their early twenties.

Sunday Telegraph, Drink Driving Stigma Fading, 9 April 2000

The alternative seems to be a country of nose-picking, road-raging, pie-dribbling yobbos. Pull your stubbies up, Bruce.

Excuse me, but etiquette stops us turning into yobbos, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 April 2002

A yobbo is simply yob (boy spelt backwards) with the standard Australian -o extension added to it.  Yob is an english word, but the Australian meaning is slightly different to the English one.   In English English, yob is about equivalent to hoon. Yobs break into houses, they mug you. That sort of thing. In Australia, yobs, or yobbos, predominately are beer swilling, potbellied Australians who swear while watching sport on the telly with their mates. The typical norm sort of character.

It isn't even necessarily a bad thing - the term can be used affectionately.

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