Pot Bellies

Beer bellies are things of great pride. On the Gold Coast (in Queensland - where else?) the annual beer belly contest is the biggest display of male flesh you will ever see. All the Norms of the region waddle proudly on to the podium. The deputy premier of the State Government was a popular and competitive entrant for several years

Xenophobes guide to the Aussies, 1993.

Australians are among the few people in the world who consider a pot belly is a status symbol

Reverend Denniss Oakley, Tally-Ho Boy's Home, Melbourne, quoted in the Melbourne Age (24 September, 1973)

TOUGH-as-teak farmer Paul Babington owes his life to two things his immense physical strength from years of working the land and a healthy pot belly. "If he was a thinner man, he'd be dead," dad Bruce told The Sunday Mail. "He's dead lucky he's still alive." Mr Babington suffered a deep gash running 30cm across his stomach in a bizarre chainsaw attack on the family property at Inglewood, west of Warwick, early last Saturday morning.

  Pot belly saved him from a chainsaw, The Sunday Mail, 31 October 2004

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