Gold Stubbie Winners in Longreach

The slogan ‘good as gold’ was made a reality for two lucky winners of a XXXX Gold competition. That hard-earned ice-cold beer has made one Longreach couple $30,000 richer. Lachlan Thomson and his fiancé Penny Milton were preparing for a weekend camp draft when Penny found a gold-painted stubby in their XXXX Gold carton. Lachlan says, “I was out the back shooting a pig, when Penny yells out, ‘We’ve won!’. I didn’t think she was serious, until she yelled out again”. They rang a telephone number on the carton and heard an answering machine message telling them they had won a 9-carat gold stubby. They still weren’t convinced of the win until they spoke to a representative later that night.  “When I first saw the gold painted stubby, I thought it was a gimmick to celebrate XXXX Gold’s 10th birthday. It wasn’t until I had read the back of the carton that I’d realised we’d won a gold stubby worth so much money,” Lachlan says.

When XXXX Gold hid ten gold-painted stubbies in cartons all over Queensland, they couldn’t have picked better winners than Lachlan and Penny. The archetypal XXXX Gold drinkers are found in towns like Longreach. As head station hands on Penny’s parents 60 000 acre property, a hard day’s work is not spent in air conditioned comfort, it is on the back of a horse riding through country, mustering the property’s 3,000 cattle.

Lachlan and Penny found the fourth of 10 stubbies on August 9. Three months later XXXX sales executive Tony Graham came to Longreach to present the 735g, 9-carat gold stubby and valuation certificate to the winning couple. As a rare XXXX Gold collectors item commemorating XXXX Gold’s 10th birthday, the stubby was valued at over $30,000. However, Lachlan has heard that one winner sold their stubby for $38,000. The couple wish to sell the stubby to any reasonable offer over $30,000. If sold the winnings will pay for Lachlan and Penny’s wedding next Easter. They also want to buy a few colts and some cattle for the property.

Any offers can be made to Lachlan Thomson on ph. (07) 4658 1376.

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