Red Ant Lager

Red Ant Lager looks more like a dark ale than a lager. The opaque looking lager has a distinctive red tinge that is obviously linked to its name. The  red colour is due to the blend of malt and the  selection of English and German hops, giving a hearty, robust taste. Red Ant Lager remains unpasteurised and as such retains that unique full body flavour. The red lager begins with a rich honey like flavour, slides across the mid-palate  like a skimming stone and then finishes with smooth bitter taste. A unique beer worthy of a spot on your next "things to try" list. Comes in 330ml bottles.  
(4.5% alc/vol)

The sweet malty palate of Red Ant Lager makes it a great partner for  Asian cuisine. Try Indian dishes like Rogan Josh, Lamb Korma and Vindaloo. Other Asian flavours such as spicy Thai and Sri Lankan fair should not be left out. Desserts such as fried ice cream, sponge cake and cheese platters are a perfect end to a meal with Red Ant by its side.

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