Dogbolter Dark Ale

Dogbolter is another great brew from the Matilda Bay stable.  The dark ale begins with a refreshing effervescence, sweeps the mid-palate with a mild hoppy taste and then finishes with that great dark ale malty flavour.  Unlike over-flavoured stouts and dark ales you find in Europe, Dogbolter provides the drinker with the dark ale experience without the baggage of overpowering aroma.  The brewers at Matilda Bay have used the perfect recipe of malt to provide a creamy head that, unfortunately, is only fleeting.  However, with the rich flavour and the smooth finish that this dark ale imparts this fact will go unnoticed as you bolt for another.

With its rich flavour and mild finish Dogbolter is not pigeon holed into a marriage with only heavy and rich flavoured meals.  Definitely an ideal accompaniment for any grilled steak or roast.  Mild enough to enjoy with cheeses such as Brie and Gouda yet flavoursome enough to complement hearty stews and casseroles, Dogbolter is truly an ale for all seasons and may simply be enjoyed as a break from your usual lager.   


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