Carbine Stout - the beer with a rich pedigree

Named from the Champion horse Carbine (1885-1914), winner of 33 races from 43 starts including the Melbourne Cup, Carbine Stout has a rich pedigree.  The midnight black beer is a traditional style stout that has been around since 1924.  Rich flavours of roasted malt and barley permeate the dark liquid and reside in the palate long after the stout has disappeared.  There is also a distinct bitterness due to the hops that gives way to a creamy finish and that roasted aftertaste. 

Carbine Stout is a hearty beer that leaves you feeling satisfied and with a hefty 5.1% alcohol content it is sure to warm you up on a cool night.  Carbine Stout is rumoured to be a favourite of the head brewer at Brisbane's famous Castlemaine Perkins Milton Brewery. 

Food For Thought:

This is a great after dinner beer that can be combined with rich and robust flavours.  Drink carbine Stout with flavoursome cheese platters and dried fruit.  The sweet caramel flavours also make this beer compatible with sweets such as chocolate mud cake, pudding and strudel.


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