1857 Bitter

1857 Bitter is a mid-strength lager from the Swan brewing stable.  The brewery is proud to name this beer after the year that the Swan  Brewery began crafting its first batch of beer.  1857 is a rich copper coloured beer that is smooth and clean with a strong soda effervescence. Unless you are from Australia's largest state it may be hard to get your hands on this tasty brew but it is definitely worth the buy next time you spy it at your local.

The mid-strength lager hits you with a fresh bitter taste that moves through to a quick malty flavouring and then slinks away with a quiet wet finish.  1857 Bitter is a beer that you should keep well chilled so to maintain the crisp flavours, otherwise the beer tends to be watery at warmer temperatures.  I enjoyed this brew and would definitely reach for 1857 for my next mid-strength selection.

Food For Thought:                 

This relatively new beer (March 1996) is one that can be enjoyed when mid-strength is going to be your dining option.  The attractive label  and unusual numbered name gives it appeal for the restaurant table.  This beer being a quiet lager gives it a broad appeal for accompaniment with your dining selection.  The bitter flavour and quick malt undertone makes it unobtrusive and so a great starter.  Try 18857 with your entree of peppered squid, tapas or flower pot bread.  Many people forget that you can marry your beer through the course much as people do with wines.  Next time you entertain serve 1857 with your starters and then move onto your main and dessert selection.  The final point to make, as always, mild lagers go with all mild seafoods, Asian dishes mild spice and your next BBQ.  3.5%alc/vol


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